Radio Drama

My radio experience includes four years as a factual producer on BBC Radio 4. After several years in Television I returned to Radio as a writer.

My credits include three Afternoon Plays, Once A Friend, Clear Water, and Wordsmith, as well as a Friday Play, Walking The Line. For Drama on 3 I wrote the real-time drama Piper Alpha about the eponymous 1988 oil-rig disaster.

My most recent work was Herald of Disaster the story of the 1987 sinking of the cross-channel ferry Herald of Free Enterprise in which over 190 people lost their lives. Mixing evidence given at the subsequent inquest with the story of a fictional family of day trippers, this documentary drama asked whether this was a freak accident or a disaster waiting to happen.

I also presented the Radio 4 documentary The World in a Briefcase, which gave rise to his 2010 book The Tizard Mission.